Mens regnum bona possidet (dullan) wrote,
Mens regnum bona possidet

This is a *friends only* journal ...

Hey there and thanks for stopping by.

As of 24/1-2002, I have made this a 'friend's only' LJ.
Needless to say that If you want me to add you, respect my privacy.

// lia
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hi there
We're in a few of the same pregnancy communities, and i wanted to add ya :)
Ok I added you back!
About damn time, but I added you :)
Hope is ok!
hehe I added you back! :)
Do you mind if i add you?
No I don't mind. I'll add you too! :)
i'd like to friend you, if that's okay :)

I added you back! :)
Hi there..

i'm another of those women who met a wonderful Swedish guy online, and i moved here from England in June 2002.

So far we are still working on the adding a baby to the family thing, hopefully we will soon get that ever elusive positive.

It would be great to join you all here.
Many thanks
Hi Tia,

Is it any of the communities that you want to join?
You can just head over and do so, cause they're all open communities! :)

Seeya there,

Heya I saw your comments on mamygirl's journal and thought I'd stop by and say hi ... I have two boys too AND met my b/f online, so I thought we'd probably have some things in common. (-: Do you mind if I add you?
Go ahead! :) I will stop by yours and add you too!
Heya - we've talked a bit on 'pregnant' - I've just moved so haven't been online for a few weeks, and I'm DYIN to know how labour, delivery went and how you and the kiddo are! Puleeze, can I be your friend? ;)
Sure! I added you! :)
Go back entry for delivery story etc lol
Can I join the I Love My Husband community even though I'm not married, but we are living together and all that?

Absolutely, go ahead and join! :)

Seeya there!

Deleted comment

Ok, I added your new jourmal! :)
I will delete your post!
Hey baby.... wanna shop at my garage sale?


13 years ago


13 years ago

Wanna add me as a friend? *drops to knees* please? lol

I found you through one of the mommy communities. :)

yes I'll add you ;)
eek! Sorry I deleted you that was a mistake! I'm glad that you said something. I got a little carried away, I guess. I re-added you. Sorry about that. NO hard feelings I hope! I'm due in December.
hey ofcourse I added you back too :)


13 years ago

Will ya add me back? Please?
Indeed, consider it done! :o)
you're on a fewof my friends friends thingee.

i looked atyour website and saw your pictures and noticed you were from sweden. it looks beautiful over there. :)

and your family is adorable. just thought i'd let you know.
Thank you so much! :D

I added you!


13 years ago

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